Reproduction Eagle Fluffs and Plumes
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Set of Extra-Large Eagle Plumes.
Golden Eagle on left, Immature Bald Eagle on right
These reproduction plumes are created as composites of several large fluffs spliced onto a center rakis
for support. Golden plumes are dyed, NOT painted, leaving the marabou soft and supple while the Bald
Eagle plumes are all natural feathers. The result is a plume that closely resembles the size, shape and
flutter of the real eagle 'breath' plumes. Sizes range from an incredible 8-10 inches. It took us months of
searching to find just the right fluffs to use in creating these unique plumes to match the quality of
feathers we offer here at
Sioux Specialties. We are pleased to be your ONLY source for these extra-large
XL Eagle Plumes: $9.50 each or $100.00 dozen
When ordering, please specify Golden or Bald Eagle plumes.
You can get a mixture of each kind within a dozen batch, i.e. 8 Golden & 4 Bald
Eagle Axillary Feathers

The axillary feathers, a.k.a.
wingpit feathers, are very popular
for hair adornment among women
dancers. They are very lightweight
allowing them to flutter and flow
with the dancers movements.
These are hand-painted with dyes
that leave the feathers soft and
nearly indistinguishable from the
real thing.

                      $3.50 each
Eagle Fluffs
Large Golden Eagle
Fluffs (imitations)

These large fluffs are all,
or nearly all, marabou
fluff. These are dyed just
the right shade of
golden brown like those
found on Golden Eagles.
And, the dyeing process
leaves the fluffs soft and
supple like a real
no stiff paints.
Sizes range from 5-7

$8.00 dozen; discount
available with bulk
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All feathers shown and offered here are reproductions of raptor feathers, either painted or natural exotic feathers that
are legal to possess. We do NOT possess or distribute any raptor feathers or body parts.

Sioux Specialties makes no claim that the items created by us are made by an enrolled member of any tribe.
However, all artifacts are created employing traditional construction methods and design styles of Native Americans.