Reproduction Eagle Feathers

"The Difference is in the details!"
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feathers apart
hand painted
imitation eagle
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imitation eagle
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Sub-Adult Golden Eagle
Wings & Tails available

$9.50 each
Mature Golden Eagle.
Wings & tails are available.

$9.50 each
Eagle Wing Spikes      $5.50

Feather is dark for most of
feather with some detail
work near bottom. Great for

Sorry, no picture available at
this time.
Immature Bald Eagle       $8.00 ea
Wings & Tails available

Young Bald Eagles are mostly
black and don't develop their
characteristic white head and tail
until they are about 5 years old.
Small Eagle wing. ~3-5" long   $3.50 ea
Large Eagle Wing. ~6"+          $4.00

These are great for dangling feathers on
shields, dance staffs and more.
Each of our feathers is hand-painted with close attention to detail. We begin by hand-selecting the best quality domestic
turkey feathers we can find, then follows our 10 step process transform a white feather into realistic reproduction raptor

Every feather is unique so feathers ordered may not be exactly like the ones pictured. Below is a gallery of other feathers
to give you some idea of what to expect with your purchase. To learn more about what makes our feathers great, Click
HERE to see 'The Difference is in the Details"
All feathers shown and offered here are reproductions of raptor feathers, either painted or natural exotic feathers that are legal
to possess. We do NOT possess or distribute any raptor feathers or body parts.

All craftwork is created in a manner of traditional Native American styles and techniques. However, Sioux Specialties makes
no claim that the items created by us are authentic Native American craftwork pieces.
Immature Golden Eagle Tail

$8.00 each