Old-Style Crow Belt Bustle c. 1900

Modeled after a bustle in the Buechel
Museum of St. Francis, SD.  50+ hand-
painted hawk, eagle and owl feathers
combined to create a stunning and
functional piece of a traditional dance outfit.
White selvedge broadcloth is used for the
double trailers and a green stripe from a
Hudson’s Bay blanket for the

Sorry, this bustle is SOLD.
Now taking orders.
Prices range from $150-$600
Old-style cloth vest, c. 1900
(modeled at right along with bustle)

This vest is tailored in the style of those worn in the early part of
the 20th century. I've seen many photos of men from Plains tribes
wearing similar style vests on their pilgrimages to Washington
D.C., c. 1890-1915

This vest is beaded with pictoral motif of horse and rider. Sioux
star in American Flag colors is on either shoulder. The front of the
vest is adorned with brass sequins.

Prices range: $150 - $300 depending on amount of decoration
Stroud cloth leggins, c. 1890 (left)

Dark blue, wool stroud cloth with
white selvedge edge. Decorated
with brass tacks, brass sequins and
trimmed with braintan hide.

Price range:  $150 - $400
Quilled moccasins, c. 1900  (left)

Lakota style. Made from braintanned deer hide and buffalo
rawhide soles. Entire vamp covered in porcupine quill
embroidery. Cuff is red trade wool.

These moccasins are not for sale, they were my wedding mocs. A
pair of similar construction and complete quillwork covering
would be around $800.00

Other Plains styled, quilled moccasins are available from $350 -
Wapegnaka; c. 1890
aka, Bull's Tail
This piece is done is a double rawhide slat
quill wrapping technique (seen in detail
photo left). The tail is an actual buffalo tail
(seen in full view photo on right) with
braintan elk backing sewn on with real
This piece is part of my dance outfit but we
would gladly create one for you. Call or
email to discuss designs and specific

Price range: $150 - $300
Elk Antler Quirt
Beaded Fork, c. 1905
All feathers shown and offered here are reproductions of raptor feathers, either painted or natural exotic feathers that are legal to
possess. We do NOT possess or distribute any raptor feathers or body parts.

Sioux Specialties makes no claim that the items created by us are made by an enrolled member of any tribe. However, all artifacts are
created employing traditional construction methods and design styles of Native Americans.
Reproductions of Native American artifacts.

We strive to provide unique items of the highest
craftsmanship. Items are researched and detailed. If you're
looking for a new conversation piece for the home or a
functional yet historically accurate item for your dance
outfit, we can help.

The items shown here are examples of the work done over
the years. Not all items are for sale at this time but can be
special ordered. Those items that are for sale are priced as
marked, while others have a price range for the special
order. Prices vary due to specifications of order.